It’s late…lol   2016/July/08 [Fri] 16:05

It takes many times at this McDonald’s than we had expected.
I wonder if everyone can eat up within the time.


Breakfast   2016/July/08 [Fri] 16:23

Everyone is eating breakfast!

Nagoya miyu

At Syntagma Square   2016/July/08 [Fri] 16:33

Our church’s members sang gospel songs around here before.
We had meal at McDonald’s, and now we’re waiting for members who went to restroom.


Piraeus Port   2016/July/08 [Fri] 17:38


We’ve arrived at the Piraeus Port!

This is the Piraeus Port.

Nagoya miyu

Arival   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:23


We’ve arrived at a shopping market.


Nagoya miyu

Hot weather!   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:25

We’re unable to stand the hot.


Nagoya miyu

Food floor   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:27


We’re choosing some fruits.


Nagoya miyu

Food floor   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:29


Colorful vegetables.


Nagoya miyu

Food floor   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:29




Nagoya miyu

Blue Star   2016/July/08 [Fri] 18:53


We’re boarding


Each one of us receives a key, and gonna to pray for one hour.


This is our first time that we can see outside from Nakamura’s room.