Thanks and Praises and Revival Camp blog   2016/March/28 [Mon] 07:10



“Thanks and Praises and Revival Camp blog” blog has been updated. Have a look!

One after another   2016/March/28 [Mon] 14:31

Members are gathering from many places of Japan. *\(^o^)/*
Kobe shion

Still more   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:24

Members of Tokyo Antioch Church arrived.(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
They look happy and are full of hope *\(^o^)/*
Kobe shion

Tokyo group have arrived   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:31

Suddenly, the team members are gathering increasingly.

UA Murakami

UA: All seats are occupied !   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:39

We are moving to check-in. I’m getting tense.

SQ: All are here   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:44

Everyone of SQ group of Antioch is arrived !

SQ group Fujita

ANA group: Lounge at Narita airport   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:53

It looks delicious ! They use light effectively ! I’m with Shizuno san !

Okinawa Jerusalem Debora

SQ group Skyliner   2016/March/28 [Mon] 15:57

We are getting on a train.^ ^

Of Film Mission   2016/March/28 [Mon] 16:00

Kubota san.
He is working all the time.

UA Murakami

Arrival at Narita Airport !!   2016/March/28 [Mon] 16:05


I put on a wonderful forced smile.

SQ group Naomi