Tomorrow’s schedule   2016/June/14 [Tue] 03:55


They’re talking about tomorrow’s schedule.

Chieko   2016/June/14 [Tue] 03:57


Tomorrow she’ll be baptized!

Reunion   2016/June/14 [Tue] 04:06


I can see Yama-chan again this year too.
Nice to see you!

On our way back to hotel   2016/June/14 [Tue] 04:13


It passed 9 p.m, but still bright in the Check Republic!

We’ve arrived in our hotel   2016/June/14 [Tue] 04:38

We gathered together to pray.

Good morning   2016/June/14 [Tue] 12:38


Early morning prayer

Grateful   2016/June/14 [Tue] 12:39


We give thanks to the Lord with prayer.

Devotion   2016/June/14 [Tue] 15:52

We are reading 1 Thessalonians chapter 1.

Thank to the Lord !   2016/June/14 [Tue] 15:55

We have finished the early morning prayer time.

Praise the Lord !

Breakfast at a hotel   2016/June/14 [Tue] 15:58

These are today’s breakfast !

We are having  at our hotel !